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Why BI doesn't work?
28. 11. 2012
After a long time consulting in the area of "Business Intelligence" I still feel unconfortable talking about the subject to non-expert audience, since the buzzes, wordings and diagrams, generated mainly by vendor's marketing depertments, do create quite a murky muddy puddle out of it. With the term non-expert audience I am referring to the majority of non-BI-users I work with or my friends and collegues who want to know what I do professionaly.

The main driver for my post is the fact that every year I observe different analytic and research companies claiming how BI is the main focus for companies and on the other hand my experience and other research results show that majority of companies still use some sort of non-uniform, non-mature, "spredsheet-based" information creation and usage, and that quite a high percentage of BI projects are strugling to be evaluated as successful. (top-5 reasons why BI projects fail)

To summarize it: Companies are putting a lot of effort in utilizing BI system but majority of such attempts is futile.

So where is the problem? Why is on one hand business so focused on BI and so unsuccessful in implementing it on the other? Many authors, like the one I have cited in the link above, have tried to propose the recipe for success on how to implement the BI system yet reading these guidelines I cannot get rid off some strange feeling that although I understand what the authors are trying to tell me, I cannot really materialize their observations and suggestions. And I believe I am not the only one. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that what those very experienced authors are proposing or suggesting isn't good or right, it is yet very important and experienced word of wisdom yet as such it is difficult to have it in focus all the time when actualy doing a BI project.

So I will try to do my best and present my view of this problem which helps me very easily identify critical points of any BI project either the fresh one or the one struggling to succeed.

OK lets begin at the beginning :)
The history of the term "Business Intelligence" has been an interesting one and was used as a common term for or instead of decision support systems (DSS), datawarehouse systems (DWH), executive information systems (EIS), OLAP systems and many more. In these days the term is so abused that many of us don't even want to use it since it can represent a 100 different meanings to a 100 different people. Therefore a new buzzes have emerged in the market like corporate/enterprise performance management (CPM or EPM) or business analytics to show to the users how new functionalities or tools have upgraded the "old" business intelligence. I think I have seen the term Business Intelligence V2.0 somewhere on the internet, which is hilarious at least for me.

I personaly think that "Business Analytics" is the most comprehensive phrase to describe what we really do, so I will stick to it. Its main purpose is to enable information based management. To be able to utilize business analytics you need 5 elements in place, each of the equal importance for the overall success but each with a different set of properties and rules to take into account. Thus the 5 elements of "BA chain" consists of:
  • data
  • analytic data
  • analytic tools
  • analytic skills
  • results

In the next posts I will try to describe each element in detail as how to verify it, what are its propetries and critical conditions.
Nov začetek
29. 2. 2012
Končno prenova spletne strani našega podjetja! To je bil cilj že od poletja 2011 vendar nikoli ni bilo časa, da bi zadeva prišla na vrsto. Vedno druge prioritete - poslovne ali privatne - ampak ravno na prestopni dan, sta se usmilili gospodični priložnost in sreča ter nam namenili nekaj pozornosti, da je želeni podvig uspel.

Kot vsak "kreator" seveda upam, da bo "kreacija" dosegla svoj namen, to pa je v tem primeru všečnost obiskovalcem in koristen marketinški obraz podjetja svetu.

Nekaj upov polagam na ta "blogovski" odsek, kjer se je končno našel prostor za predstavitev idej, ki se nam porajajo pri našem skupnem delu ali življenju in bi jih radi delili z "vesoljno" internetno skupnostjo.

Torej dobrodošli na novi spletni strani!