Stakes are High

So it is wise to brace yourselves with information

Hospitality Revenue Management

If revenue management is an art and a science, it takes very special kind of skillset alchemy to successfuly combine those elements together. Providing the right offer at the right time to the right customer can be understood as a cliche but the saying actualy tries to simplify description of a specific process which requires a great amount of creativity mixed with rigid rules of detailed analytics and number crunching. Hospitality Industry of tomorrow cannot ignore the potential to gain substantial benefits from revenue management.

Our company's unique experience provides a perfect match of competences and enables us to offer competitive services for any Hospitality Industry Client. Our services consist of following core steps:

  • providing an overview of your current RM maturity using our own proprietary methodology,
  • building competitive RM strategy for your property or properties,
  • establishing or enhancing your data management and business analysis environment,
  • facilitate the usage of RM best practices,
  • managing strategic RM operations for your property,
  • increasing gross operating profitability of your business.

We are proud that our services can guarantee our Customers a substantial revenue improvement, which can be measured by a number of KPIs (RevPAR, RGI, NRevPAR or % change of RGI).

Hospitality Business Intelligence solution

In cooperation with our partners we offer our Hospitality Industry clients the benefit of state-of-the-art data warehouse model bundeled together with one of the best BI tools on the market (MicroStrategy), as an unified service on the could. This enables our users to gain:

  • all the expertise of the BI world with a simple subscription,
  • fast and convenient access to business insight through advanced reporting system, business analysis and data mining procedures,
  • great ROI compared to building their own complete on-premise BI environment.

Our solution is suitable to all type of business operators, either independent or multi-property. It comes by default with standardized set of Hospitality Industry attributes, metrics and KPIs, which are USALI compliant. However at the same time our solution, can be easily updated and/or customized per individual client needs and requirements.

General Business Intelligence consulting

Many BI projects across industries are prone to 'failure' due to misunderstanding of the area, underestimating the complexity of specific elements which define a broad umbrella term Business Intelligence and a lack of 'BI maturity' which is closely linked to an organizational business culture.

We are proud of our achievements in the field of BI because we are able to manage all of the diverse elements which consists a coherent BI solution. Our expertise covers following but is not limited to:

  • managing and understanding all aspects of data technology regarding of size, storage type and content complexity,
  • managing and developing ETL processes and modeling DWH data models,
  • preparing and introducing an unified MDM (master data management) strategy for the whole organization,
  • helping customers to gain most out of their BI tool of choice: SAS, MicroStrategy, Microsoft, etc., (yes Excel too!)
  • support the management in its endeavor to ensure a profitable results using their BI environment.

Custom IT Solution Development

We are very well able to develop custom software solutions, however we don't make a living out of it. This way we can keep pace with the best practices within following programming languages:

  • Java (SE, EE, JAX-WS, ...)
  • PHP,
  • R,
  • SQL,
  • JavaScript, Ajax and HTML 5